The Algea


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This is a single track taken from the full-length LP "The Algea" available from Prison Tatt Records.

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From the label:

The Algea /// full LP, ltd. 100

Some time in the making, Prison Tatt is proud to present the first, full-length vinyl by Florida-based, horror-sonic post-industrialists NRIII! Over the course of their debut tape on Primal Vomit Records (see our distro), and several dazzling CD EPs on their own Neon Doom Records label, we've watched eagerly as NRIII's sound has evolved into the very unique voice they have today. Though not at all a throwback, with many digital sounds, this LP is A MUST for fans of the middle 80s, post-TG industrial explosion that included H.N.A.S., Nurse With Wound, Einsturzende Neubauten, Staalplaat label, and others. Raspy vocals overlay a complex array of sounds, conveying a rich palette of dark and truly haunting sound inventions and "song" structures. This is the right album at the right time, catching NRIII at an outstanding plateau of their evolution; transmissions from a padded cell of subconscious mystery. Repeated themes churn and burn, emerging from the darkness, and The Algea sits comfortably in our collection alongside inspirational, landmark works like Merzbild Schwet, Kollaps, and Neo Zalanda's Mix Zelanea. In its way, The Algea is the album we always wish Coil had made, like the hardest, eerie moments of Scatology. This may seem like outrageously high praise, but in our view, the collision of Prison Tatt Records and NRIII could not be more well-timed and placed in the history of this very-unique, mind-shattering, 21st-century music, with maybe half a foot dangling in the most-outstanding moments of the late 20th. Comes with black-and-grey sleeve design by the band, on very heavy white stock (silkscreened at Seizure Palace), and one of the label's built-to-last vinyl sticker designs. Limited to 100 pieces pressed.

"...another terrifyingly grim landscape of haunting black ambiance, post industrial crush, and blackened grimnity. The band lacing hellish vokills over softly swirling drifts, burying strange fractured rhythms, beneath cascades of glitch and squelch, often all blurred into something downright dreamy, but just as often, splintering into something abjectly noisy and filthy. " - Aquarius Records

"...I get this acid tripping, almost nightmarish kraut rock/komische vibe? It’s like death industrial funneled underneath an analogue UFO landing hum of ambiance that’s as cosmic as it is depraved... " - Forbidden Magazine


released April 21, 2014




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NRIII Jacksonville, Florida

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